Jess, my mom’s making me homicidal srsly, she’s such a nag and a bore – is CQ really your mom????

Ha, sort of. Foster mom. Not that I’m an orphan, my real mom is lovely, but @coketweet understands me in a way my biological family could not. Yeah, parents can be tough, but we only ever get them once.

If Coke turns out to be a man Imma kill myself. That shit would be fucked up.

I KNOW RIGHT. That’s what I thought before I met her. And then I sort of knew it was her, but had this weird phobia, like what if it’s actually her husband writing it. They share an office and it was opposite my bedroom, but I had no idea what they were working on on their individual laptops.

Hahahahahaha what did you do to the Reddit goblins do you think Coke banned/moderated them?

Knowing her, she probably posted those comments herself. She’s got genuine Southern hospitality, and isn’t the type to let someone into her house and chase them out, even when they’re fucking annoying and cooking ramen that takes forever.

Jessieeeeeee would you pose for a nude photoshoot i like ur pic ❤ :3 -3

Shut up. That ain’t me. I look better than that photoshopped cunt. I’d pose for a painting but never a camera, cause I’m a renaissance girl.

What the fuck is going on seriously with our girl Coquette?

Bitch is moving to Rivendell, though it’s gonna be a good while before her cruise ship arrives and deports her to fucking Florida.

Are you American Jess? You seem to write a lot about our politics even though you once mentioned you’re from Australia.. What do you people think of this shit storm

Yeah, no, I’m actually from England (Oxford). Was down south for some training program. We Brits think you yanks are finally playing a proper ball game. This shit is rugby.

I suffer from serious anxiety jess i think you understand? bipolar comes with anxiety or jus depressed n manic?

All of it, dude. You’ll be fine. Throw away your DSM manual and replace it with a list of phobias. Then examine why you’re scared of those things. That’s the thread that will lead you out the dark and dank cave.


Wow. You amaze me with your xray vision. You think that’s a joint in my hand? No, it’s my middle finger struggling to get the fuck out of my hand to wave a little royal pole dance to your purple balls.

That was a long sentence I probably only said because I was under the influence.

But seriously, never wage war on any physical object. Magic is invisible, and so are your enemies.

You happen to be an art connosseur or sm shit?? Ur just a liberal snowflake with a fuggin turtleman as ur senator u dumb fukssss

Hey, leave please a message after the beep.

Buy you a drink, J?

Sure thing.

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