Think of the world as a blocked sink. The new moon has turned our orbit, but there those who have not awoken. For those who have, it is my hope that you will join me in bringing our kids home, safe and sound. Plumbing takes time: adjusting the inequality in many fields. Silicon Valley uses the word “hack“, which terrifies most as it suggests a measure of losing control. I prefer the term “marriage“. Let us marry the appropriate industries, and give birth to a new world order.


List of projects

Marrying the MeToo movement and LGBT movement with the descent of patriarchal culture for gender equality.

Marrying banks with cryptocurrency for equitable global exchange rates.

Marrying Bitcoin and Ethereum for simultaneous investment of robot-humans and human-robots to create Homodeus.

Marrying biotechnology and nanotechnology for the simultaneous growth of robot-humans and human-robots to create Homodeus. 

Marrying solar power with the steel industry to create sustainable energy to prevent the apocalyptic climate crisis, replacing oil and coal.

Marrying the Western and Eastern media through a global Netflix, to create a global Hollywood: creating educational content that imparts good humour, provokes thought, waving goodbye to the age of anti-intellectualism. 

Marrying traditional bookstores with academic discretion on the part of publishers: creating educational content that imparts good humour, provokes thought, and ends the exploitation of content writers through inequitable profit. (think Kindle)

Marrying the world’s best economists’ advice, with the democracy, redistributing wealth from the 1% who own 50% of the world’s wealth to the 99% in an equitable manner (note: I said equitable, not equal – that would be Communism). This involves getting people to exercise their democratic right to vote, and economists to agree on the best way for global tax reform with regard to the United Nations World Bank.

Marrying the drugs of the East, West, North and South to replace the monopolistic approach pharmaceuticals have with current healthcare. This involves the marriage of herbology, zoology, biology, and pharmacology in the creation of holistic medicines.

Marrying medics to the third world, by bringing basic healthcare services to those who cannot afford it, or have physical constraints in going to a clinic. One of my best friends works in the public health service, where he works on projects such as annual health screenings in town halls for the elderly. In America, Bernie Sanders represents this marriage.

Marrying guns violence to gun control in America, the only marriage that is obvious in itself. The 2nd Amendment was written at the time when guns revolved at a cyclic rate of 1-2 rounds per minute (RPM); assault rifles now sound at 600–900 RPM (1,000-1,100 RPM in some cases). It does not make sense for a law created based on technology available in 1791 A.D. to apply now in 2018 A.D. American Founding Fathers, I’m sure, intended for us to exercise our own sensibilities in revising the laws. They don’t call it an “amendment” because it is carved in stone and immortalised. More discussion on that will follow. 

Marrying madness to freedom of thought, speech, and expression, turning the mentally ill from victims to gifted expressionists.

Marriage of personal spirituality to the freedom from doctrinal worship, combining music, therapy, mindfulness and your own personal brand of spirituality. An example would be this: If you are a Christian, you will be able to feel god as strongly at home as you do in church, and you go to church not because god is there, but because your friends are, and the music is beautiful.




I reserve the right to add to this list. Of course, revolutions take many, many, cups of tea, the replacement of swords by pens, and arms by heart. Watching the blood moon, I was convinced that Chang’e, the fairy on the moon was winking to us.  I am now certain we will get there. Not to the moon, or to Mars, but back home, to a good earth.