Jess, a couple weeks ago I had a massive panic attack – it was like I was travelling through time. I’m sensitive to light, it helps to wear a cap or sunglasses, because I think it triggers the shakes for me. What is wrong with me? 

Jetlag, my dear. Time flattened itself out for a hot second. Think of it as a website taking a while to load its cookies.

So what’s does the future of humanity look like jess? 

Whatever we collectively define it to be.


Jessie you out of the hospital??? 


Are you an atheist?

Are you for real?

jessieeeeeeee i can’t stand it anymore i’m surrounded by idiots

Me too.

How old are you jessie?

3.03 minutes old.

I think I’ve burnt through the whole of Netflix now I’m bored. Any recommendations?

Silicon Valley.

Favourite sexual position?


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