Since the old DSM is laughably antiquated, I thought to redefine it, as well as create a new DSM. Feel free to use it; I own neither my ideas nor my words, only my self.


Depression: The awareness of the hopeless aspect of the world, resulting in extreme helplessness and paralysis.

Schizophrenia: The ability to communicate with the outer simulation.

Mania: A good state of confidence in the ability to change the world, with appropriate action to accompany.

Bipolar: A swing between confidence and helplessness – usually caused by self-doubt.

OCD: The true belief that one’s physical actions can symbolically change reality.

Autism: The extreme sensitivity to the emotions of others.

Sociopathy: Machiavellian practice.


Here are some new ones:

FAD (Fear-Acting Disorder): The practice of acting on instruction of the lizard brain (amygdala) resulting in action solely for self-preservation.

ED (Ego Dysfunction): The delusional belief that one is more important than others.

CC (Control Compulsion): The compulsive need to control others, bending them to your will to create a world that runs by your rules.

MC (Mistranslation Condition): The inability to listen to others, hearing only the meaning you project.


Embrace the change.

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