Jess where the hell is Coke?

I don’t know.

I don’t know what’s going on but i don’t like it – why can’t i post on coquette anymore? did you hack her site or something

Hey, this shit kills me too.

I had a week where suddenly everything was heavenly divine, now it’s gone. What? 

It’s just people being forgetful of their better selves.

All this with the Oscars, METOO, it all seems so unreal because HE’S still in charge 😦

Not for much longer.

Where are you really from girl? You said Oxford but isn’t it Singapore? 

That depends on whether you’re asking what’s on my birth certificate or for the origins of my soul.

I feel I can trust you because of your playlist – it helps me understand… something. 

Music does have a way of explaining abstract concepts.

How do you know a hive mind exists and what is it anyway?

It’s the collective subconsciousness.

Missionary is boring. 

So are you.

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