Favourite scene/favourite Oscar movie?

Three Billboards, when Woody Harrelson coughs blood in Frances Mcdormand’s face.

Should I still like Woody Allen? He’s one of the best filmmakers in my regard, and I feel there might be merit in between appreciating someone’s work and letting them get on with their craft instead of judging him based on his character. My friends disagree. Thoughts? 

Artists are not exempted from the criminal justice system.

I just got on Twitter and it feels rather cliquey. What should I do on it? 

Find your tribe.

Ok, I’m calling it. We are obviously going the way of the i-everything. The apple is monstrously eating us and there isn’t a thing we can do about it. 


Did Coke really work in Hollywood or was that lie a secret method to her madness? 

You don’t have to physically be in the boulevard.

Is 18 too early for my daughter to be having a boyfriend?

Nope. It’s too early for you to be having a mid-life crisis.

Are you of the polyamorous unicorn breed?

What now?

Sleep with me, J?

No, but I’ll dream with you.

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