You’d be better off changing your behaviour towards people online. You’re rude and aggressive and it’s a turn off. I follow your twitter and you’re an addict to your own solitude. You don’t retweet others, nobody understands what the hell you’re saying… come on girl, I know you’re intelligent. 

Digital spaces like Twitter are made for us to express ourselves freely. I’m for it. It supports a communal culture over an individualistic one. Showing yourself to friends can be more painful than showing yourself to strangers.

Much as I appear to be alone, I am far from lonely. I read others and stop to think. I prefer to use twitter in a way which gets attention in an organic manner. Everyone is here for a different reason. To find friends, to find a partner, to find jokes, to read the news. No judgement, hey.

The people that irk me are the kids who use sex as bait. Sex is wonderful; I love it. But making a connection on the impersonal cyberspace requires far more baring of the soul than appealing to someone’s base desires. Besides, sexual desire and its gratification always lay in our spatial-temporal selves. I adore Anaïs Nin, but the last I checked, she doesn’t want to have sex with me.

I love art, and people are the art. Going on twitter is like seeing many an esoteric animal walk around in their respective tribes – I’m genuinely fascinated.

Oh, and I know you meant to compliment me, but flattery doesn’t make me do things for you.

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