I think I’m going to chill in your corner of the internet until I recover from my nervous breakdown. 

-Sugar Addict


I’m recovering from discovering suddenly that I’m in love with two best friends. One of them I fell in love with the minute we met, but the other one sidelined me so hard. It was like a good plot twist in a movie – my first reaction was “How could it be?” and then, “But of course.”

I put aside my conditioned instinct to judge the situation as frivolous, and instead came to see it for its beauty: the three of us, learning about ourselves, for each other. Of course, it is messy, and while I am strong, I still feel heartache like a teenager.

I don’t know how it will all end. I don’t. There’s no magic solution written in the books of the lovers dead and gone. Maybe we’ll figure it out, but there’s a chance that we won’t. All love is a tragedy, but the best tragedies end in death. I like to have hope in this lifetime.

Most of all, let’s me and you come out of our respective storms, still us.

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