Twitter and Gmail are no longer secure, at this time of writing.

It has come to my attention that my emails are being blocked from reaching its destination, and my Twitter feed being threaded so that some posts are missing. I don’t know how many of you are affected, but please take this very seriously.

If you think this is happening with any account, please visit Twitter via an incognito browser.

Everything you send is being read, across all platforms. They are able to access private Instagram accounts, Twitter DMs, and of course, emails. They are able to hijack Whatsapp and send you messages under your friend’s number. They’ve always had that capability, but are now using it to play dirty in this war. Be subtle in what you say, and pick up on each other’s cues. I’m not subtle out of necessity.

We are doing everything we can to take back our territory.

This is war.

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