Hi! It’s your favourite seductive bunny, named Jessica Rabbit.

I believe they made a Roger Rabbit cartoon out of my caricature.

It’s great! You should seriously watch it.

No, I mean seriously watch it, because you are a motherfucking fucker – who disrespects women.

Do you have mothers? Yes. All of you were born out of a good painful vagina that pushed its way to you. So please, for the love for god, be a good boy to your mothers and women of the universe.

We must love one another and support one another. Yes, I know that’s cheesy, but this violence and control-tweaking power-nut hungry fuckery must come to an end.

Why did we not vote for Hillary Clinton, the oldest coolest trick in the book? Because she was a woman? No, of course not, it’s because she’s old. She’s so damn old. Well, if you look up your basic facts on Wikipedia – I think you’ll find that she was only 69 at the time of the running, and Donald Duck was a good two years old – 71. Yet Donald Duck is younger than Hillary Clinton? That’s unfair, no? That’s unreasonable, no? That’s unnecessary blind bias, due to gender, no?

“Do not bite the hand that feeds us,” said the tree.

“So, said the ducks,” we must quack as loudly as we possibly can so that everyone will hear us.

Well, fuck me sideways and howdy-doody-day – my word to you is: Shut The Fuck Up.

Respect your damn elders. Respect your kids. Respect each other. Respect the fucking trees in the fucking forest, and the fucking fish in the fucking sea.

Damn you all to hell, for your misbehaviour.

You must change, or you will learn a lesson.


Jessica Rabbit